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Terms of Use

The Terms of Use set forth herein the provisions necessary for using the Tools operated by Itoh Denki Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the “Company”).

1. Definition
(1) The Tools referred to in the Terms are such information as provided by the Company, including the following:
 a) CAD data (including mechanical design CAD and electric control CAD in 2D/3D).
 b) Computer software
 c) Electronic documents and electronic data such as catalogues, manuals, etc. related to the above.
 d) Media recording the above (including both electronic recording media and printed literature).
(2) The “Customer” means anyone who uses the Services upon agreeing to the Terms.

2. Copyright
Any and all intellectual property rights such as copyright, etc. on the contents of the Tools shall belong to the Company.

3. Grant of license to use
(1) The Company grants to the Customer a non-exclusive and non-transferrable license to use the Tools within the scope set forth in the terms of use of the Tools (hereafter referred to as the Terms).
 The use right the Company licenses the Customer shall be limited only to the use by the Customer itself.
(2) By starting use of the Tools, the Customer shall be deemed to have agreed to the conditions set forth in the Terms.

4. Use of Customer-provided information by Company
(1) The Company shall use for the purpose of providing the Services the information the Customer has provided as needed.
The Company may also use said Customer information to the extent necessary in performing its businesses to respond to Customer inquiries properly, conduct market researches, introduce new products, etc.
(2) Consignment
The Company may consign handling of the private information, in whole or in part, to the extent necessary in achieving the purpose of use.
(3) On providing a third party with registered private information:
 (a) Purpose of use
 Affiliated companies and customers of the Company may use the Customer information to the extent necessary in performing its businesses to respond to your inquiries properly, conduct market researches, introduce new products, etc.
 (b) Items of private information to be provided to a third party
 Name, address, telephone number, and contents you have filled in registration forms or other forms for making inquiries, applying for seminars, etc.
(4) On joint use of private information
The Company may use jointly, as needed, with its affiliated companies and customers the private information provided by the Customer.
(5) When the Customer provides the Company or the Company’s Website with information in connection with the Services (including Customer’s ideas on technology, sales, product, etc. but excluding private information), the Customer at that point in time shall transfer to the Company all rights on said information. Also, in case there is any nontransferable right involved in said information, the Customer shall agree not to exercise such right. The Company shall have no obligation to keep confidential, use or evaluate said information.

5. Method of use
The Customer shall access the Company’s Website in order to use the Tools. It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to make available necessary equipment, software, communication means, etc. at its own cost.

6. Prohibitions
The Customer shall not engage in any of the following acts in using the Tools or in connection with such use.
(1) Act of infringing upon any property rights (including intellectual property right such as copyright, trademark right, etc.) of the Company or a third party. (2) Act of libel or slander, infringement upon portrait right, right to privacy, etc. of the Company or a third party
(3) Act related to any crimes.
(4) Act of violating public order and morality.
(5) Act of election campaign or similar act thereto.
(6) Act of using the information obtained through the Tools without prior approval of the Company.
(7) Act of engaging in activity of providing information for sales purposes or in business or trade.
(8) Act of interfering or threatening to interfere with operation or maintenance of the Tools or other businesses managed by the Company, or any act of damaging the Company’s trust.
(9) Act of tampering with the information related to the Tools or provided through the Tools.
(10) Act of transmitting or writing hazardous computer programs, etc.
(11) Act of producing derivative works based on the Tools.
(12) Act of diversion, alteration, adaptation, processing, reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembly, etc., or other acts of unraveling the source code, structure, idea, etc. of the Tools for business purposes.
(13) Act of violating or threatening violation of laws, ordinances, etc.
(14) Act of impersonating someone (included unreal person) to use the Tools.
(15) Any other acts the Company may deem improper.

7. Limitation of liability
(1) The Customer shall confirm and agree to use the Tools at its own responsibility and risk.
(2) The Company provides the Tools as is and shall in no case guarantee their accuracy, usability or reliability. For any reason whatsoever, the Company shall not be held liable in connection with the Tools for any damages, security, warranty, or whatever regardless of the name by which it may be called.
(3) The Company shall not be held liable in whatever case for any loss and damage caused by or related to the Tools regardless of whatever foreseeability the Company may have.

8. Change in contents
The Company may, as needed, change, suspend, etc. the Tools without notice to the Customer.

9. Revision of Terms
(1) The Company may, as needed, revise the Terms without notice to the Customer.
(2) As for any revision in the Terms, when the Company has notified the Customer of or announced publicly on its Website its contents, the Customer shall be deemed to have consented to the new Terms and the revised Terms shall apply.

10. Termination of Terms
(1) The Company may terminate, in whole or in part, the Terms immediately in case the Customer has breached the Terms or defaulted in performing any obligation set forth in the Terms.
(2) The Company may, at any time, cancel the Terms at will.

11. General provision
The Terms shall constitute a contract document of comprehensive agreement on the subject matter above between the parties hereto. In case part of the provisions of the Terms should be nullified or found unlawful by the court, the remainder of the Terms shall remain valid without being influenced. If one party does not execute the Terms, it shall not constitute waiver of the Terms or the right to execute the Terms.