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iCEP Lite download

iCEP Lite is a network communication controller compliant application.
iCEP: itoh Configurator for Ethernet/IP and PROFINET


・Network communication settings
・MDR operation setting and writing
・Error check and release
・MDR forcible run (JOG operation)
・Error monitoring for controller
・Ladder logic download
・Auto download setting for ladder logic and MDR operation
・Controller firmware change

Compatible models

Ethernet-compatible controller IB-E05,IB-E06,IB-E09 series
PROFINET-compatible controller IB-P01,IB-P02,IB-P03 series

System requirements

 1 – Processor of Intel Core i5 or later
 2 – Microsoft Windows 7 or 10
 3 – RAM (32-bit/64-bit) of 4GB or over
 4 – .NET Framework 4.5 or later
 5 – Display in support of screen resolution of 1,024 x 768 or over (1,280 x 800 or over is recommended).
 6 – Keyboard and mouse operation (touch operation is not accepted)

What are required

IB-E05, IB-E06, IB-E09 series / IB-P01, IB-P02 series
  ・LAN cable (Category 5e or over)

IB-P03 series
  ・Cable with connectors on both ends (M12 / RJ45)

Download File

iCEP Ver. downloadDownload

Upload history

・Release Firmware version (November 24, 2021)